We are pleased to announce that Comforia Residential REIT, Inc was listed on the Real Estate Investment Trust Securities Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange Inc, on February 6, 2013. We would like to thank all of our unitholders and stakeholders for their continued support and co-operation.

Since our establishment on June 8, 2010, we have continuously expanded our asset size and gained experience with our basic policies of “investments in residential properties with high growth potential” and “utilization of the TOKYU FUDOSAN HOLDINGS Group. ”

We will continue to invest on rental residences, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, for singles and small families. We will fully utilize the concept and know-how of the urban rental residence “Comforia” series, which the TOKYU LAND CORPORATION has produced.

We will aim to achieve stable earnings and ensure the steady growth of our managed assets based on medium and long-term perspectives to maximize our unitholders’ value.

Finally, we want to express our gratitude to our unitholders and stakeholders again and ask for your future support and encouragement.

Executive Director Takehiro Izawa
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