Portfolio Data

As of Nov. 15, 2018

Portfolio Summary

Number of Properties
Total Acquisition Price
206,084million yen
Total Appraisal Value
240,668million yen
  • 「Appraisal Value」is based on the most recent disclosure materials at the time of publication.

Portfolio Feature

As of Nov. 15, 2018

Portfolio Composition

Investment Area

Tokyo 23 Wards 89.1%

Building Age

Average Building Age 10.1years

Investment targets

Rental Residences 97.0

Rental Residences Composition

Investment Areas

Tokyo 23 Wards 90.9%

Minutes Walk to Nearest Train Station

Average Minutes Walk 4.8minutes

Unit type

Single, Compact 89.4%

Historical Chart of Portfolio Size

As of Nov. 15, 2018

(100 million yen)
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