Financial Strategy

The Investment Corporation seeks to maximize unitholders’ value by reducing funding costs, with a focus on stability, agility, and efficiency.

1. Stability

  • Keeping the LTV ratio at an appropriate level to ensure financial health
    The upper limit of the LTV ratio is 60%.
    (The LTV ratio may exceed the limit temporarily due to acquisitions of properties and changes in appraised value.)
  • Raising long-term and fixed-rate funds, considering the characteristics of the Investment Corporation's assets
  • Securing financial multi-resources to reduce refinance risk and diversify repayment deadlines

2. Agility

  • Developing a system for raising funds promptly to acquire properties

3. Efficiency

  • Efficient cash management
  • Achieving low interest rates through stable asset management
  • “LTV ratio” is the ratio of the sum of the balance of borrowings and investment corporation bonds to total assets.
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